"Deceptions" is the 114th episode of Casualty and the 10th episode of the 8th series.


A man with a good memory who has been winning money on quiz machines gets thrown through a window by a pub landlord after refusing to leave. Two women are brought in after getting into a fight on learning they were having an affair with the same man; after talking with Charlie, they tell their lover's wife what's been going on. Josh and Brian bring in a nervous woman who fell down some stairs; Karen learns she has breast cancer but has left it untreated. Tom Harley, the elderly locum consultant covering for Mike's holiday leave, convinces her to tell her boyfriend and have treatment. Car dealer Alan Mowbray sells a vehicle to Joe, one of his daughter Caroline's teachers; unknown to him, Joe and Caroline are having an affair. Joe later dies after crashing the car and Mowbray is arrested when the car is found to be stolen and unsafe. Duffy rushes off after hearing Andrew's sperm test results are back. Helen finishes her placement and Tom takes a photograph of her with Charlie and Adele as a momento.

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