"Déjà Vu" is the 195th episode of Casualty and the episode of the 11th series.


Charlie and the rest of the staff are interviewed by Personnel over the sexual harassment complaint. He is ordered to take leave. A reporter, Jeremy, harasses Charlie and tries to get in to see him by registering as a patient but Baz throws him out. A woman, Cathy, learns that her husband Chalky, due in court that day, has got her sister Sheila pregnant. She deliberately drives her car into the prison van carrying him, badly injuring one of the guards, Ben. She escapes charges when it turns out her brakes were faulty. She tells Sheila she is taking the children and leaving them both to it. The other guard, Ken, is recognised by Inspector Rossi as a man wanted for a spate of burglaries eight years previous. However, while arresting him he leaves the other prisoner from the van, Dean, unguarded and he escapes by stealing Jeremy's car. Matt supports Jude when she has her abortion; afterwards, she tells her flat mate Donna that there is more to Matt than she thought.

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