Cyril James is a staff nurse who worked in the Emergency department of Holby City Hospital from 1987 to 1989.

Time in the emergency department (1987-89)Edit

Cyril started in Holby the same time as fellow Student Nurse Karen O'Malley who Cyril was quite keen on. He became jealous over her relationship with Charlie.[1]

A week later, Charlie had spent the night with Karen and when Cyril called for her in the morning to play squash, Charlie slipped out the back door. As they played squash, a man in another court suffered a cardiac arrest. Cyril and Karen attempt CPR, but cannot revive him, and he died.[2]

In Mid October, Susie had some modelling photos published without her consent. Cyril, for a joke, decideed to make copies and send them to the staff to Susie's dismay.[3]

At the end of October, Cyril and Karen are both revising for their exams, Cyril believed it would be a breeze, but Karen was nervous. During the shift, a footballing friend of Cyril’s, Windy Gale, arrived complaining of chest and leg pains, after he twisted his ankle in a game the previous week. Cyril didn't think it was too serious, but Mary discovered he had a deep vein thrombosis in his leg. An ex-Army officer, who had a burnt hand was also treated by Cyril. At first he was reluctant, but was later pleased to have been treated by him.[4]

By early November, Cyril had passed his exams.[5]. A week later, Cyril was insulted by a group of skin heads who caused havoc in the department. In late November, Cyril won a bet with Charlie, Kuba and Keith, that he could persuade antisocial Mary to have breakfast with him. Mary realised it was a bet and chose an expensive hotel and ordered lots of food.[6]

In October 1988, Cyril had been working in theatres at Queens hospital for six months. He visited Holby A&E, and asked Charlie’s opinion on him returning to his job – Charlie was not keen, believing he should apply for something better, but he had already got the job.[7] In his first shift back, a pickpocketer with chest pains was brought in by two police officers. David Sinclair believed he was faking it and discharged him, Cyril disagreed with his diagnosis and is proved right when the man returned after suffering a stroke and died in the department.[8]

In Mid October, Cyril found two of David’s hockey sticks in the staffroom, he and Charlie played with them in the corridor, with an ashtray as a puck. David was furious, but then challenged Cyril to a game. Cyril and David later responded with the paramedics to two crashed minibuses full of teenagers. [9] Two weeks later, Kiran and Alison planned to move in with Cyril, after their nursing flat had been burgled.[10]

In September 1989, Cyril and Lucy went to the scene of a road traffic accident.[11] He had also applied for a job in ITU, but found out a week later he had lost out to another nurse and became irate with Charlie. He later treated a woman who had a gashed forehead. She was a nurse and told him of the opportunities in the USA, Cyril was tempted but eventually decideed not to go.[12]

In early November, a teenage prostitute, Dawn, was brought in after being pushed out of a car. She made a nuisance of herself. After stitching her, Cyril was advised to call Social Services on her, but it was too late as she got into a car with another customer.[13] A month later in early December, the team were kept busy after an explosion in the city centre. Among the patients, Cyril treated a shoplifter who had a bag full of jewellery on one of his last shifts.[14]

Behind the scenesEdit

Eddie Nestor portrayed Cyril James in Casualty from 1987 to 1989.


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