Below is a list of the current characters of Casualty. There are currently 14 regular cast members in the show. The oldest cast member is Derek Thompson who plays Charlie Fairhead, who has been in the show since the first episode, "Gas", in 1986. Note that "first appearance" doesn't nessecarily mean they became a regular on the show at this point, as it could have just been a guest appearance. For example, Connie Beauchamp appeared as a guest in 2004, but arrived as a regular in 2014.

Another example of this was Michael Stevenson's character, Iain Dean who made a guest appearance in Sam's flashbacks from 2012. He later arrived as a series regular in 2013. Of the current cast, Iain, Connie and Louise are the only characters to have made their first ever appearance in a different year to their arrival as a regular.

Charlie Fairhead

Main article: Charlie Fairhead

Charlie Fairhead, played by Derek Thompson, is a senior charge nurse and the longest serving cast member of Casualty.

Charlie is the lynchpin of the emergency department. He's been there since the very beginning and has always proved to be an indispensable, trustworthy and diplomatic member of the team. People look up to him, and he always tries to be there when the ED family need him.

Charlie has been through a fair few challenges during his time at the ED, not least in having to save his junkie son Louis from selling his kidney in Romania, and suffering a near-death cardiac arrest during a gang siege. But Charlie always pulls through as the beating heart of the department, and remains loyal to anyone that needs him.

Lisa "Duffy" Duffin

Main article: Lisa "Duffy" Duffin

Lisa "Duffy"Duffin, played by Cathy Shipton, is a senior ward sister who first appeared in the show's first episode.

For Lisa Duffin, better known as Duffy, Holby ED has always held a special place in her heart. From her first days as a newly qualified ED nurse 30 years ago until today she’s never lost her compassion – for Duffy the patient ALWAYS comes first.

Duffy has always had a close relationship with Charlie and it’s this friendship that makes them the perfect team. In the past, Duffy has been unlucky in love and has suffered her fair share of heartache. She had a complicated relationship with her first husband Andrew, splitting several times and finally reuniting only for Andrew to be tragically killed in a car accident. Duffy’s also had a relationship with Ryan, a hospital security guard, who betrayed her by stealing all her money but they later reconciled and moved to New Zealand. Following their split she’s back in Holby and hoping that this is the fresh start that she needs.

Duffy is a trained Midwife and is fantastic with children of all ages. Her wealth of experience, calming nature and genuine care for her patients shines through in her work.

Noel Garcia

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Noel Garcia, played by Tony Marshall is a receptionist who first appeared on 5 January 2008.

Noel is the happy, care-free, practical joker of the bunch. Very much a people person, he’s very proud of his job on reception, and gets frustrated when people don't take him or his job seriously. He's incredibly unlucky in life and love, but always bursting with optimism and positivity. He’s a child at heart, but learnt how to take responsibility when his long-lost daughter Honey came back into his life.

Even if he may lose the odd patient file or forget a patient’s name, you can’t fault his friendliness and enthusiasm, and he’s always the face you want to be greeted by when you first walk through the ED doors.

Dylan Keogh

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Dylan Keogh played by William Beck, is a Consultant in Emergency Medicine and former Acting Clinical Lead who made his first appearance on 12 March 2011.

Dylan is a brilliant clinician, but his abrupt and tactless manner means that he rarely thrives in social situations. He prefers the company of his dog, Dervla, to most humans, although Zoe took to his acerbic sense of humour and has become the closest thing that Dylan has to a friend in the ED. When it comes to medicine, he always picks the most unusual cases, rather than the big resus stuff, and there’s nothing he enjoys more than a medical mystery.

Before coming to Holby, Dylan worked as a country GP. Now, shambolic Dylan lives in picturesque chaos on a house boat with the love of his life - his dog. He often gets people's names wrong and happily makes up stories about his personal life to misdirect people or to get a rise. Dylan is the ultimate cynic, but can occasionally demonstrate a soft side and a strong moral compass. Dylan will always be an island, but sometimes, just sometimes, we see Dylan appreciate the benefits of being part of a great team.

Louise Tyler

Main article: Louise Tyler

Louise Tyler (originally Tilney) played by Azuka Oforka, is a staff nurse. She first appeared on 1 October 2011, and appeared for four episodes as an ambulance dispatcher before returning as the new receptionist, drafted in to give Noel Garcia more support following the Holby riots on 18 August 2012.

Louise is extremely sassy, candid and loves to be in control. She is a truth-teller, and has no problem with giving a dressing-down to anyone she considers lazy, a timewaster, in the wrong, or simply in her way! You can always rely on Louise to say it how it is.

We first met Louise when she was working as a call-taker at ambulance dispatch, but she soon moved to the ED reception where her bossy and meticulous nature suited her role to the ground, and reception soon became her kingdom. But as time went by, Louise couldn’t help but get more involved with patients than her role required, and it became clear why when it transpired that Louise used to work as a nurse. Now Louise has put her demons behind her, and has donned a pair of scrubs once again.

Robyn Miller

Main article: Robyn Miller

Robyn Miller played by Amanda Henderson, is a staff nurse, who first appeared on 5 January 2013. She was introduced as one of four new student nurses.

Robyn is the department’s warm, squishy heart. She is resolutely positive and extremely chatty. She makes friends easily and is able to cheer and comfort patients with her warm and unassuming approach. She loves a good gossip but isn't the best at keeping secrets! When it comes to her nursing skills she can lack confidence, but often just needs to believe in herself to achieve great things.

Robyn grew up knowing that she wanted to be a nurse. She's the oldest of four siblings and also volunteered to care for her beloved Nan as a teenager. People have always told Robyn that she's a 'born nurse'. As far as the "care" part of the job goes she's one of the best, but she does worry about the academic side of the job, and is easily intimidated by her superiors.

Iain Dean

Main article: Iain Dean

Iain Dean, played by Michael Stevenson, first appeared in 2012 before returning as a regular in 2013. He later left in March 2014, only to return that October.

Iain is an ex-corporal who wants to take his action-man status from the battlefields of Afghanistan to the streets of Holby. He’s a proper man’s man; a lad, and will always be the first to rush into a dangerous situation. However, his impulsive nature and recklessness don’t always offer the best solution, and often land him in trouble.

Iain pretends to have put his army days behind him, but after he witnessed his platoon being blown up by an Afghan he trained and was close to, he has been left with mental scars that have never really healed, and these bad memories occasionally affect his behaviour. He has a quick temper, and a strong sense of justice that often leads to outbursts. Despite his reluctance to show his true feelings, he’s a caring individual under all that bravado.

Ruby Spark

Main article: Ruby Spark Ruby Spark portrayed by Maddy Hill works for the Holby Ambulance Service and is the newest paramedic at Holby City Hospital.

At first glance Ruby has it all – looks, intelligence and even a caring side. The only problem is she’s her own worst enemy. Her self-defence comes in the form of a strong opinion and a focus on detail which can keep others at arm’s length. Break down this wall and you’ll be surprised what’s behind it, the only problem is no one has managed to do it yet.

If you’re in trouble, she’s the person you want at the scene. Her intelligence is always on show and her memory for procedures and drugs is bordering on photographic. She cares about her patients, but lacks the charisma of Iain. Ruby would love to have a laugh and joke, but she’s too self-conscious. If a waiter said “enjoy your meal” and she replied “you too”, Ruby would replay this moment in her mind for the rest of the week. As a result it’s easier to take a step-back and stay out of the social side of life. That way she can’t fail at it. It’s the curse of the perfectionist

Ethan Hardy

Main article: Ethan Hardy

Ethan Hardy, played by George Rainsford first appeared on 11 January 2014 as a new registrar of Holby City ED. He then went on to be a consultant and acting clinical lead at the start of 2018.

It is with great attention to detail and a cheeky grin that Ethan treats his patients. He is always there when you need him, equipped with a sympathetic witty comment and a coy sparkle in his eye. Ethan is easy to laugh with and relies on his natural charm to avoid any confrontation.

Although Ethan charms many, he fails when it comes to women - a flaw made all the more apparent next to his smooth-talking fast-moving brother, Cal. Constantly feeling in the shadow of his brother, Ethan studied hard to become the excellent doctor that he is – so a lifetime of frustration was re-established when Cal walked into the ED. Despite this, Ethan thrives as a doctor, and is always there to pick up the pieces when Cal messes up. Blood is thicker than water after all.

Connie Beauchamp

Main article: Connie Beauchamp

Constance "Connie" Beauchamp (née Chase), played by Amanda Mealing, returned to Holby City Hospital in 2014 after being recruited by new CEO Guy Self to work as a consultant in the emergency department.

Connie is the ultimate alpha female – she’s a strong leader, a brilliant clinician and takes no prisoners. Some may say she’s cold and heartless, but everything Connie does is driven by her desire to provide impeccable patient care after she watched her father die on a trolley in a corridor of an ED – a fact that forever haunts her. With her at the helm, the ED is running more smoothly than ever.

Connie has had to fight to get to where she is today. Her grass-roots are Peckham, South London where her mother was a nurse and her father a teacher. Her talent pushed her to the reputable position that she held at Holby, something that she's not willing to let go of, especially now she's moved to the ED.

Connie has always put her work first; something which has jeopardised her relationship with her daughter, Grace, but deep down Connie is always striving to be a good mother.

Jacob Masters

Main article: Jacob Masters

Jacob Masters, played by Charles Venn, made his first screen appearance on 18 July 2015, a week later than originally planned.

Jacob is Holby’s answer to Robin Hood, with a little added swagger. His maverick attitude and unruliness often get him into trouble, but it means that he often has the courage to do things that others wouldn’t dare to, which might just save someone’s life. Jacob oozes cool, and he knows it; he knows full-well the effect that he has on people, and uses it to his advantage. He’s often been known to charm a confession out of someone, or make up a story about himself in order to get a patient to open up. Jacob is all for underhand tactics, and will always push his luck to get exactly what he wants.

Jacob didn’t have the most privileged of upbringings, but this has meant he has a down-to-earth and streetwise attitude when it comes to dealing with some of Holby’s more challenging patients. Jacob can be hot-headed and struggles to maintain his professionalism at times, but Connie always manages to reel him in and keep him under her thumb.

Alicia Munroe

Main article: Alicia Munroe

Alicia Munroe, played by Chelsea Halfpenny, is a foundation doctor in the ED and made her first appearance in September 2015 at the beginning of series 30. She returned in the series finale as a series regular once again.

Bouncy, idealistic and naïve, in some ways Alicia is your typical junior doctor. But atypically she’s also super talented. Effortlessly brilliant and passionate about her chosen subject – medicine. Although she doesn’t initially come across as a confident medical professional, once she starts to work her brilliance shines through. Alicia is both clinically fantastic and great with people. Alicia is ALWAYS in a good mood and you might even catch her breaking out the odd dance move in resus whilst they wait for the patient to be brought in. She’s upbeat and a joy to have in the department, for those who don’t find her relentlessly cheerful, over eager, constantly babbling nature extremely irritating that is.

She’s a party girl, she works hard but plays harder, she’s a fun loving, free spirited flirt with a love ‘em and leave ‘em attitude but secretly fears ending up alone. Alicia has always been really close to her family and a real daddy’s girl, one of the reasons why she stayed in Newcastle to study. Her family have since moved to Holby. Alicia’s working in medicine because she desperately wants to make a difference, she finds the ED thrilling. She’s completely caring and will always go the extra mile to give her patients the treatment they deserve.

David Hide

Main article: David Hide

David Hide, played by Jason Durr, made his first on screen appearance on 30 April 2016.

David is a shy, thoughtful and withdrawn man who struggles with the social complexities of the world. His awkwardness leads to him lacking confidence in conversation, meaning that he often comes out with dull, inane comments - so he favours silence. But he’s a good and diligent nurse, who follows instructions well and goes about his job efficiently and quietly. David is a brilliant listener, and although he doesn’t speak often, what he does say is often insightful and brilliant. He would love to be different; he would love to unleash the bold, confident side of his personality, but is too afraid of the consequences.

David has recently had some time off, but the Department of Work and Pensions decided that now he’s now ready to return. David may be a great nurse, but the rest of the team, especially Robyn, are baffled as to why David is the way he is and are determined to bring him out of his shell. Until then, you’ll find David lingering nervously in the background, brimming with secrets and mystery…

Elle Gardner

Main article: Elle Gardner

Elle Gardner, played by Jaye Griffiths, joined the show on 7 May 2016. Elle replaced Zoe as a consultant.

Elle has an easy-going, chaotic, warm and durable personality. She decided to go back to work to escape the domestic chaos of her home-life, only to be thrown back into the breach every time she steps through the ED doors. She strives to leave her maternal role behind her and be strictly Elle the professional, but is always pulled back to being Elle the mother, whether that means providing a shoulder to cry on, a harsh reality check, a wise moral compass, or simply someone to pick up after the young'uns and be the only one to unload the staffroom dishwasher every flippin day. But what she would never admit is that she wouldn't have it any other way.

After being out-of-touch with the professional world for a decade or so whilst bringing up a gaggle of teenage boys as a single Mum, Elle initially struggles to get her head around life in a fast-paced, modern ED. But her integral medical instinct, coupled with an amazing ability to multi-task, makes Elle a brilliant consultant, which the rest of the team are quick to acknowledge as they welcome her into the fold. Her quick instinct and rebellious streak can sometimes lead to arrogance and recklessness, but no one could ever say that she lacks confidence or courage.

Rashid Masum

Main Article: Rashid Masum

Rashid Masum, portrayed by Neet Mohan, made his first appearance on the 4 November 2017.

Rash, short for Rashid, is a cheeky chappie and an eternal optimist who always tries to make the rest of the ED laugh. The only problem is sometimes they laugh with him and other times at him. Rash’s charming bedside manner always ensures he has a good relationship with his patients. However, his cheerful outlook can also be a mask for anxiety, as he’s not always the most confident in his own ability. He has a nervous disposition and often shows this by puking his guts up in the hospital toilets. Despite this, Rash’s want to succeed drives him on. It’s a trait he was born into and comes from his working class roots. He is part of a large family where education is highly thought of. As a result his siblings are all high flyers, working as lawyers and accountants. Rash still lives a sheltered life and unfortunately his intellectuality doesn’t include being street smart. As the youngest in the family and someone who still lives at home, he’ll always be a mummy’s boy and she’ll always make his packed lunches. Rash sees his new post at Holby as a chance of reinventing himself and is eager to put his boyish charm behind him.


Below is a table to provide an overview of all of the characters currently in Casualty. Note that duration is measured as the time elapsed since the character's first appearance, with the exception of Connie who made her first appearance in a Holby crossover in 2004, but made her first appearance as a Casualty character in 2014.

Image Character Actor Current occupation Arrival
(first appearance as series regular)
Charlie Derek Thompson Clinical Nurse Manager 6th September 1986 31 years, 8 months and 28 days
Duffy small
Duffy Cathy Shipton Band 7 ward sister 01986-09-Template:0expr 6 September 1986 32 years and 12 days[1]
Noel Tony Marshall Reception manager 02008-01-Template:0expr 5 January 2008 10 years, 8 months and 13 days
Dylan William Beck Consultant 02011-03-Template:0expr 12 March 2011 7 years, 6 months and 6 days[2]
Louisesmall Cropped
Louise Azuka Oforka Band 5 staff nurse 02012-08-Template:0expr 18 August 2012[3] 6 years and 1 month
Robyn Amanda Henderson Band 5 staff nurse 02013-01-Template:0expr 5 January 2013 5 years, 8 months and 13 days
Iain Michael Stevenson Paramedic 02013-08-Template:0expr 31 August 2013[4] 5 years and 18 days[5]
Ruby Maddy Hill Paramedic 14 July 2018 1 month, and 12 days
Ethan George Rainsford Specialist registrar 02014-01-Template:0expr 11 January 2014 4 years, 8 months and 7 days
Connie B
Connie Amanda Mealing Senior consultant, Clinical Lead 02014-03-Template:0expr 29 March 2014[6] 4 years, 5 months and 20 days
Jacob Charles Venn Band 8 senior staff nurse, Clinical Nurse Manager 02015-07-Template:0expr 18 July 2015 3 years and 2 months
Alicia small Alicia Chelsea Halfpenny Junior Doctor 02015-09-Template:0expr 19 September 2015 2 years, 11 months and 30 days[7]
Davidsmall David Jason Durr Band 5 staff nurse 02016-04-Template:0expr 30 April 2016 2 years, 4 months and 19 days
Ellesmall Elle Jaye Griffiths Consultant, Deputy Clinical Lead 02016-05-Template:0expr 7 May 2016 2 years, 4 months and 11 days
Rashid Neet Mohan F1 Doctor 4th November 2017 6 months and 1 day


  1. Departed in 1993; returned in 1998; departed in 2003; returned in 2016.
  2. Departed in December 2012 and returned in October 2014.
  3. First appearance as a regular character, although first ever appearance was in 2011.
  4. First appearance as a regular character, although first ever appearance was in 2012.
  5. Departed in March 2014 and returned in October 2014.
  6. First appearance as a regular character, although first ever appearance was in 2004.
  7. Departed in November 2015 and returned in July 2016.