"Close to Home" is the 55th episode of Casualty and the 3rd episode of the 5th series. It was preceded by "Results" and followed by "Street Life". The episode was directed by Alan Wareing and written by Jim Hill.

Synopsis Edit

Charlie is feeling low following the death of his best friend, Julian manages to be tactless but later apologises. Jimmy comes in late for work and dishevelled after a night on the town.

Duffy gets a call to say her childminder has been taken to hospital; however she is relieved to discover baby Peter is fine.

Megan is distracted after concerns about her neighbour; she is sure she has heard a child crying after seeing her neighbour go to work. She is annoyed when Duffy tells her she must be hearing things, but her fears are founded when her neighbour Mrs Hearn turns up in A&E with her young son Kevin – who has a head injury. Beth treats him but becomes suspicious after discovering old bruises. This prompts Mrs Hearn to flee the department. Later, Megan goes home and looks through her neighbours post box to find Kevin tied by his legs to a chair – Mrs Hearn returns home and attacks Megan. Social Worker Tony Walker manages to come to her rescue.

Mr Parish – who has just been on holiday – is brought in by his wife after feeling dizzy. As he collapses in reception, his briefcase is stolen. Julian suspects food poisoning. Meanwhile Jimmy spends the shift trying to find the briefcase and when he does he is surprised to discover it contains women’s clothes. Mr Parish confronts his wife over his cross dressing fetish, and she says she already knows and is prepared to accept it.

Two fireman, Ralph and Eddy, are brought in after a wall collapses on them during a shout. Eddy is treated in crash for fractured ribs, meanwhile Ralph who has an injured hand, becomes dizzy in a cubicle – he has been suffering with it for a while – Julian sends him for an urgent CT scan.

A mother complains about the treatment given to her daughter, Victoria, who has an injured hand. She is not happy they have just said it is bruising and heads to Queens for a second opinion.

Debbie, has been living in a refuge with her two young children, after running away from her abusive partner. She brings in her son, Richie, after he pours a boiling pan over himself. She’s not impressed with Social Services attempts at help, and decides she will be better of going back to her partner. Charlie is annoyed Tony won’t do more to help.

Megan, charmed by Tony, goes for a drink with him after the day’s events.

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