"Clinical Nurse Manager" redirects here. For the person who currently holds the position, see Jacob Masters.

The Clinical Nurse Manager is the person in charge of the nursing staff in the Emergency Department of Holby General Hospital. The position was established in 1991 after the expansion of the ED for then Charge Nurse Charlie Fairhead.

Tess Bateman served as the department's Clinical Nurse Manager for around 10 years, and only gave up the position briefly to Linda Andrews in 2011 before taking it back over. She resigned from the position in 2015 and was succeeded by Rita Freeman before her resignation in August 2016. In late August[1] Jacob Masters was offered the position and became the acting Clinical Nurse Manager. He was given the permanent position the following month.

List of Clinical Nurse Managers

Name Duration
Charlie Fairhead 1991-2001, 2002-2004
Tess Bateman 2004-2011, 2011-2015
Linda Andrews 2011
Rita Freeman 2015-2016
Jacob Masters (acting) 2016
Jacob Masters 2016-


  1. Events partially took place in an episode that aired in July, but took place in-universe in August.

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