"Choked - Part One" is the 289th episode of Casualty and the 5th episode of the 15th series.


Adam and Reuben are discussing their wedding plans; the staff think they are attending a housewarming party. They see a girl, Becca, choking and Adam saves her. Charlie has to bring Louis into work and Dan shows him the paper has a headline about an "AIDS nurse". One patient, Duggan, refuses to let Barney treat him unless he confirms it isn't him so Patrick throws him out. Spencer ejects one reporter but another, Datij, ambushes Adam and records a confession. Adam has to try to explain to Becca and her mother Karen. Dan wants him to resign and take an administrative job. Reuben turns up to try to support Adam, telling Charlie and Amy he is HIV positive as well. Duffy orders Chloe to help Max treat her old French teacher, Janet, who used to bully her. Chloe realises there is more wrong with her than there appeared and she turns out to have a mild brain tumour. Janet insists Chloe only made something of her life because she put pressure on her. A boy, Joel, is staying with his aunt and uncle and runs away. His cousin Mikey tracks him down to a quarry where they have an argument and Mikey falls. Joel calls an ambulance then runs away. Josh and Mel arrive and Josh climbs down but an avalanche buries them both.