Charles Robert[2] "Charlie" Fairhead (born 26 February 1954)[3] is a nurse who currently holds the position of emergency nurse practitioner, senior charge nurse and Clinical Nurse Manager in the emergency department of Holby City Hospital. He is the longest serving nurse of the ED, having started working there in 1986.[4] Charlie has a background in psychiatric care and completed a trauma nursing course which led him to working at the ED of the hospital. Prior to arriving at Holby, Charlie had experience elsewhere working as a staff nurse.

Charlie is the lynchpin of the emergency department. He's been there since the very beginning and has always proved to be an indispensable, trustworthy and diplomatic member of the team. People look up to him, and he always tries to be there when the ED family need him.

Charlie has been through a fair few challenges during his time at the ED, not least in having to save his junkie son Louis from selling his kidney in Romania, and suffering a near-death cardiac arrest during a gang siege. But Charlie always pulls through as the beating heart of the department, and remains loyal to anyone that needs him.

Charlie Facts:

  • The mother of his child, Baz, died in a car crash.
  • Has a background in psychiatric care and has completed a trauma nursing course.
  • Charlie has a granddaughter named Megan.


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