Series 29 Cast

Throughout the series of Casualty, several characters' birthdays have been revealed. However, due to the genre and narrative of the show these have sometimes been subject to change.

Current characters

Image Character Birth date Current age Revealed in
Dylansmall Dylan Keogh 27 February 1976 42 "Episode One" (date)
Ethanhardy Ethan Hardy 28 November 1986 31 "High Tide" (date)
Lilychao (2) Lily Chao 23 November 1988 29 "Between the Cracks" (age and date)
Alicia small Alicia Munroe 19 September N/A "Party Pooper" (date)[1]
Duffy small Lisa "Duffy" Duffin 11 March 1961 57 "The Good Samaritan" (age and date)[2]
Charliefairhead1 Charlie Fairhead 26 February 1954 64 "Hidden Agendas" (age and date)
Robynmiller Robyn Miller April/May 1992 26 "The Last Chance Saloon" (age)
"Survivors" (star sign)
Jacobsmall Jacob Masters 29 January N/A "The Good Life" (date)
Iainsmall Iain Dean 1983 or 1984 34–35 "High Tide" (age)
Noelsmall Noel Garcia 1970 or 1971 47–48 "Hearts and Flowers" (age)

Past characters

Image Character Birth date Current age/ age at death Revealed in
Zoesmall Zoe Hanna 23 August 1974 43 "A Life Less Lived" (age and date)
Adam Trueman2014 Adam Trueman 21 August 1970 47 "What Tonight Means to Me - Part Two" (age and date)
Calebknight Caleb Knight 12 February 1986 31 (d. 29/04/17) "Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep" (date)
Ruth Winters09 Ruth Winters 18 October 1984 33 "Love is a Sacrifice" (date)
"Next of Kin - Part One" (age)
Tesssmall Tess Bateman 22 January 1967 51 "The Memory of Water" (date)
Kathleendixon1 Kathleen "Dixie" Dixon 13 April N/A "Unsilenced" (date)
Jeffcolier1 Jeff Collier 1971/1972 42 (d. 4/10/14) "The Last Call" (age)
Tamzin Bayle Tamzin Bayle 7 August N/A "All the Single Ladies" (date)
Jezsmall Jez Andrews 1993 24–25

"High Tide" (age)
BBC Character Profile (year)

Honeysmall Honey Wright 1992 or 1993 24–25 "Home for Christmas" (age)


  1. The events of "Party Pooper" took place on 19 September due to episode continuations. See here for more information.
  2. Duffy originally celebrated her 40th birthday in November 2000, making her DOB 11 November 1990. It was later revealed in series 31 to be 11 March 1961, exactly four months after the original date.