"Calm Before the Storm - Part One" is the 255th episode of Casualty and the 1st episode of the 14th series.


Sam is rushed into Resus; the staff are all devastated by his injury, especially Tina. Charlie meets with SHO Holly Miles, who Max has had sent down as cover. She looks after Jamie, a boy who has been hiding under the reception desk since seeing Sam fall. Gerry arrives with an arm injury: He fractured his arm from a minor blow and Max tells Eve his bones could have been weakened by cancer. Holly and Chloe look after Albert, an older man who is accompanied by his nephew Eddie. Eve and Gerry recognise Eddie from the centre and worry Albert has only taken him in for the allowance. Sean learns of Chloe's pregnancy. A marine, Jack, is arrested by Military Police after assaulting Oliver, an officer who was sleeping with his wife. Oliver later dies in hospital so the MPs prepare to transfer him to civil authorities on murder charges. Poppy, a girl with leukaemia, tries to make her mother Suzy accept she might die. When Poppy falls asleep while they are driving, Suzy is worried and clashed into the military vehicle. One of the escort is killed and the other is knocked out. Jack helps Poppy get an unconscious Suzy out of the car before it explodes. Fisherman Danny is offered £2000 by his brother Alan to help him dump some chemicals. It is only after he has been splattered with it than Danny learns it is radioactive waste. They are pursued by Stan, a river policeman, and crash into the wharf. Josh and Penny arrive to collect an injured Danny. Penny is distracted when she sees Alan slipping away and falls into the water.