"Burning Cases" is the 29th episode of Casualty and the 14th episode of the 2nd series. It was preceded by "Peace, Brother" and followed by "These Things Happen". The episode was directed by Christopher Menaul and written by the show's creators Paul Unwin and Jeremy Brock.

Synopsis Edit

Moody paraplegic, Tom, has an argument with his wife, Sophie, and locks himself in the bedroom, where he sets the curtains on fire. Sophie calls a neighbour and they rush to save him – he suffers burns to his hands and is taken to a ward. Sophie tells Mary she can’t cope any longer, and that she’s been seeking comfort with his best friend. Tom apologises to her, but it’s too late.

An old lady, Joyce, falls downstairs after trying to answer the phone. She bangs next door, until her neighbour comes round and sees her lying there, through the letter box. They take her to casualty where Megan attends to her – she puts up the safety bar up and Keith the other. As Megan goes to call a doctor, Joyce falls after reaching for the bell she dropped on the floor, and the safety bar is down. She dies, and Megan is unsure if she put the bars up and fears she will be blamed.

A woman is complaining of serious pains. Mary and Ewart argue, as Ewart thinks she is faking it to get drugs but Mary disagrees. Later on, Ewart is proved to be right.

Ewart has a mild heart attack while seeing to a builder, who needs stitches, and is sent to CCU. Elizabeth and Roz both arrive to see him, and it’s the first time they’ve met – but they are civil.

After ringing Duffy constantly at work, Peter turns up at A&E drunk. He tells Duffy he’s resigned and wants to start a business in California, Duffy again refuses to come.

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