"Blood Brothers" is the 282nd episode of Casualty and the 28th episode of the 14th series.


A man is brought in by his brother and mother after being stabbed and thrown through a shop window. Patrick treats him and he is taken up to theatre. A woman brings in her boyfriend, who has been in a distracted state for months and is self-harming. Patrick is condemnatory of him so Max takes over the case and realises the man has been raped. He says he confronted one of the two brothers responsible and threw him through a window. The police are called and Max tells Patrick the truth about his patient. Josh and Penny retrieve a worker who has fallen into a grain silo after having a heart attack. Without asking, his boss calls his wife and son but he has already called another woman, who he has a daughter with. It eventually transpires he is married to both women: When the truth comes out, everyone walks away from him. Gemma brings Zoe in with an ear infection to see Holly. Charlie advises Holly to call social services even though she promised Gemma she wouldn't. Joanne later turns up and warns Holly to stay out of it. Tina hands in her resignation to Charlie and tells Max she is leaving to be with Sean in Australia.