"Blood Brothers" is the fifth episode of the first series of Casualty. It was preceded by "Jump Start" and followed by "High Noon". The episode was directed by Antonia Bird and written by Wally Daly.


An unhelpful newspaper article is published, and reveals nothing about the work of the department; the staff, especially Ewart, are not happy.

A 16 year old runaway, Carrie, phones the Samaritans, after taking an overdose. She gets through to Jed Carver, who goes to the address she has given, and takes her to hospital. She is also a heroin addict. DI Fox gets involved, after reports of a break in, and he thinks Jed is her dealer, he lets on this information to her parents – her Dad goes storming through the department and attempts to attack Jed, until Jed explains who he is – that he has never met Carrie before and was only trying to help.

A ferret escapes from it’s owner – who is waiting to have his finger (bitten by the ferret) seen to.

Two gay men, James and David are on there way to Holby A&E, after David, a haemophiliac, cuts his hand on an electric carving knife. They first stop off at a petrol station for gas, and drive off without paying, DI Fox witnesses the incident. At the hospital, David refuses a life saving blood transfusion, and makes James promise them not to give him blood, as he fears he will catch Aids. Mr Thalton is in charge of the operation and forces a transfusion on him. James is secretly relieved and glad. DI Fox is paranoid he may have caught something from them.

Susie gets locked in a toilet cubicle, Ewart is flat hunting, while Baz is offered another job, but she says she will stay an extra six months at the most.

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