"Away in a Manger" is the 885th episode of Casualty and the 18th episode of the 28th series. It was preceded by "What a Wonderful Life" and followed by the special episode "The Spirit of Christmas". It is the final episode airing and taking place in 2013 before the Christmas break. The episode was directed by Robert Del Maestro and written by Sasha Hails. This episode marks the departures of Sam Nicholls (Charlotte Salt) and Tom Kent (Oliver Coleman). However, Salt later returned to the show in series 32, almost four years later.


A young couple have a festive holiday they will never forget when they are forced to seek refuge at a farm for the birth of their baby. The question is, will they be turned away? A man receives an electric shock from a Christmas tree, disrupting Sam and Tom's wedding plans and causing Fletch to be arrested.

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