Alexandra "Alex" Spencer is a student nurse who worked in the Emergency department of Holby City Hospital from September to December 1989.

Time in the emergency department (1989)Edit

Confident and outspoken Student Nurse Alex Spencer arrived on a motorbike to join the team from September 1989, and was immediately thrown in at the deep end following a serious road traffic accident.[1]

At the end of September, Alex gave a patient with neck muscle spasms a painkiller before the doctor had seen him. Duffy witnessed this and reprimanded her heavily, she wanted to report her but Charlie and Lucy persuaded her not to.[2] The following week, Duffy, in a bad mood as Andrew had left her, took out her frustrations on Alex, telling her she never should’ve become a nurse.[3]

A month later in October, Alex spent the day shadowing the paramedics. One of their patients was an old lady, Mrs Phelan, with a burnt arm – she was afraid of going out the house but Alex managed to coax her to the hospital.[4]

In late November, Alex lunched with her friend, Jonathan, who offered to double her pay with a job in banking, she said she would think about it. As she was about to leave the restaurant, a man collapsed on the next table. She resuscitated him and went in the ambulance with him to Queens, but he died. Duffy snapped at her for being late for her shift, until Alex explained what had happened.[5]

In her final shift in December, Alex had decided to quit nursing – she was given a surprise leaving party and drank champagne from a bed pan. But this was short lived after a bomb explosion in the city centre, placed the team on red alert.[6]

Behind the scenesEdit

Belinda Davison portrayed Alex Spencer in Casualty from September to December 1989.


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