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Adam Trueman (born 14 August 1970)[1] is a consultant in emergency medicine who worked in the Emergency Department of Holby General Hospital from 2007 to 2011.

Early lifeEdit

His parents died in a car crash when he was 8. Adam escaped without injury, but his brother, Alex was left disabled. He blames himself for Alex's condition and was left devastated when Alex took his own life.

Time in the Emergency Department (2007-11)Edit

Dr Trueman has it all, some would say. He’s charming, good looking, cool and confident. He is also a hit with the ladies, and is very flirtatious. Above all that though, he is a great doctor. He focuses totally on his patients and is dedicated to his job, wanting to do it Adam’s weakness is not letting people get close to him – he won’t let himself get attached or emotionally involved with anyone. Orphaned when he was eight, Adam has learnt to protect himself, and to avoid feeling vulnerable, the way he did as a child.

History Edit

Adam's parents died in a car crash which also left his brother, Alex Trueman, disabled. Adam got pulled out of the car first and has been claustrophobic since.

Adam blames himself for what happened to Alex as he thought that if Alex had been pulled out first, he may have been fine.

Holby City ED Edit

Adam is a consultant at Holby City. He is a senior doctor with a lot of experience when he was first brought in. He was temporarily the Clinical Lead at the ED before he was deemed unfit due to his brother's death.

Personal life Edit

Adam got married to Jessica Harrison after she split from her husband.Sean Anderson. They had a kid, Harry Trueman. When Adam, Jessica, Harry and Jessica's children accidentally drove into an icy lake, Harry died from hypothermia. Adam and Jessica couldn't survive with these memories and they eventually split up.

Personality Edit

Adam thinks of himself as a lady's man. He also has a great sense of humour and he is very good at his job.

He is also very sensitive. When new Foundation Year 2  Heather Whitefield fell down from the ladder into a burning building while trying to rescue people trapped in there, Adam beat himself up over it blaming himself.

Adam also loves his family a lot. He hated himself when Alex and Harry died and would have done anything to help them.

Behind the scenesEdit

Tristan Gemmill portrayed Adam Trueman from his arrival in 2007 until 2011 on Casualty. In 2012, he appeared in a photograph.


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