"A Wing And A Prayer" is the 37th episode of Casualty and the 7th episode of the 3rd series. The episode was due to be transmitted on 21st October 1988, but was postponed following the death of its guest star Roy Kinnear. It was eventually screened on 5th August 1989.

Synopsis Edit

Alison and Kiran come back to their nursing flat and find it has been burgled. Kiran is distraught. Charlie at first tells them off for being late for shift, but later tells Kiran he will do what he can to help and rings the nurse warden.

The hospital faces huge waiting times, and with a difficulty finding beds, Charlie rings Valerie from a dinner party, to say she is needed. Valerie argues with Consultant Dr Laughton about two spare beds he has, which he is refusing to give up.

A wife of an elderly man stroke victim tries to get her GP over to her house. After she is refused, she dials 999. They take him into A&E, where Kiran treats him, but they are unable to get him a bed. They are forced to move him to another hospital, but he dies in the ambulance.

A father, Tom, looks after his baby Matthew, while the mother, Polly, has gone out. At first, he won’t stop crying, and Tom is relieved when he finally goes to sleep, but when he goes to check on him later, he finds him not breathing. The baby dies from cot death. Polly and Tom are devastated.

A foreign worker, Colin, is brought in by his boss, Mr Lockhart, with hallucinations and a cut to his face. Mr Lockhart says he has been inhaling paint stripper. David believes his story, but Cyril is not convinced. Sadie brings them more evidence, after she speaks with Colin who says, their work place has poor ventilation. Later, Mr Lockhart is down the pub with another work colleague, Brian McCarthy. However, he suffers a heart attack. Charlie believes it has been brought on by the paint fumes, and warns the boss to get it sorted.

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